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Making a Trip to the Dentist Something to Look Forward To

Let’s be real: all kids don’t necessarily love routine dental appointments. Ridge Kids Dental raises the bar by making a child’s experience not only tolerable but incredibly fun, too!

Located in Paragould, AR, our pediatric dental office serves everyone, from toddlers to teenagers. Our dental team is composed of experienced, patient, and friendly professionals who are dedicated to helping kids feel safe and at ease while attending to their dentistry needs.

Pediatric Dental Office in Paragould, AR

Keeping Your Teeth Secure & Shiny From the Start!

Preventive & Corrective Pediatric Dentistry

When it comes to positive oral health habits, routine preventive appointments are fundamental!

Families find fantastic dentistry | Paragould, AR

Your Child’s Dedicated Dental Team

Nothing makes our office staff smile brighter than giving children a headstart with their oral health. We want to help lay a foundation for a lifetime of excellent oral health. Our team does everything in our power to make their experience enjoyable.

“They are awesome. My kids love going to the dentist so it makes it easy for them when they have to. They are very pleasant, I highly recommend Ridge Kids Dental!” — Debbie
giving children a headstart with their oral health | Paragould, AR
Pediatric Dental Office in Paragould, AR | Ridge Kids Dental
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